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At TnT Insights we provide curated market research services to market research agencies and direct clients whether you are a service provider or manufacturer.

We offer subcontracting services for agencies needing our specialist services or can be engaged as a full service agency in any capacity.

If you are looking to engage a company that focuses on multicountry studies then our à la carte service is designed to accomplish the best possible outcomes by providing add-on services including direct interpretation and others highlighted below.

  • Recruitment

  • Moderation

  • Project management

  • Consulting

  • Content analysis

  • Report writing

  • Desk research

  • Incentive fulfilment

  • Translation of research material

  • Simultaneous translation (interpretation) of face-to-face interviews and focus groups

  • Transcription of interviews

  • Viewing facility hire

Respondents are either recruited from TnT Insights’ own respondent panels or through our international network of recruiters.

Interviews are carried out by our key market research consultants or, depending on our clients’ needs, by moderators chosen from our international network of moderators.

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