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We are always pleased to informally discuss project requirements with subcontractors.

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants then please feel free to email us at info@tnt-insights.com if you have experience in any of the following:

  • market research recruitment
  • market research moderation
  • data analysis
  • monolingual English transcription
  • multilingual transcription from any language into English
  • simultaneous translation (interpretation)

We are particularly interested in:

*Recruitment and moderation / interviewing

  • English speaking moderators / interviewers (USA, UK and Canada)
  • English speaking recruiters (USA, UK and Canada)
  • French speaking moderators / interviewers (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • French recruiters (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • Dutch speaking moderators / Interviewers (Netherlands, Belgium: Flemish)
  • Dutch speaking recruiters (Netherlands, Belgium: Flemish)
  • Polish speaking recruiters and moderators
  • Chinese speaking recruiters and moderators
  • Japanese speaking recruiters and moderators


  • French to English transcribers
  • German to English transcribers
  • Italian to English transcribers
  • Spanish to English transcribers
  • Dutch / Flemish to English transcribers
  • Chinese to English transcribers
  • Japanese to English transcribers

Alternatively please complete the application form below.

  1. Desk ResearchRespondent RecruitmentModerationIncentive fulfilmentContent analysis / data analysisReport writingProject managementMonolingual English transcriptionMultilingual transcription from any language into EnglishViewing facility hireTranslation of research materialSimultaneous translation (interpretation) of face-to-face interviews and focus groups.
  2. Other languages spoken fluently or working knowledge (please tick all that apply)*:
    Not applicableEnglishFrenchGermanSpanishItalianOther languages (please specify)
    Language Name:
  3. Countries you cover (Tick all that apply):
    UKGermanyFranceSpainItalyUSAOther Countries (please specify)
    Country Name: